Monday, July 18, 2011

Google Scholar Advanced Legal Research Tips | Lawyerist

Google Scholar Advanced Legal Research Tips | Lawyerist (JEH: I posted a link to another recommendation of Google Scholar (GS) on April 25, 2011 on this blog. I have used GS to research several cases and only found one instance where GS did not retrieve the full opinion (early case in the 1900s). The "How Cited" feature is indeed valuable, although obviously not as extensive as LexisNexis' Shepard's or Westlaw's KeyCite. GS also links to HeinOnline, which provides scanned bar journal and law review articles and offers a 24-hour subscription to access. Amy Beller's article in our ABA RPTE Law Section's eReport provides a more detailed overview, and is definitely worth reading. Remember to select the "Legal opinions and journals" radio button under the GS search box to limit the search to legal cases and periodicals.)