Saturday, December 13, 2014

When data gets creepy: the secrets we don’t realise we’re giving away

When data gets creepy: the secrets we don’t realise we’re giving away - (JEH: Sometimes I post technology articles that will hopefully help others. We all need to be more careful sharing information online. I heard radio coverage the other day that reiterated what this UK-based article, equally applicable here, highlights: "An interesting side-effect of public data being indexed and searchable is that you only have to be sloppy once, for your privacy to be compromised.... Cameras -- especially phone cameras -- often store the location where the picture was taken in the picture data.... But if you get it wrong just once ... your home is marked on a map. All because you tweeted a photo of something funny your cat did, in your kitchen...." Please diligently check privacy settings on a routine basis.)

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

World Giving Index 2014 | CAF

World Giving Index 2014 | Charities Aid Foundation (CAF) ("The World Giving Index lnfographic gives an overview of the top giving countries and some interesting facts about giving in 2014.")

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Integration of Legal Research for Estate Planners (LREP) website

Nearly 20 years ago, I started what would soon become my Legal Research for Estate Planners (LREP) website. Much has changed, including my available time to maintain the site. Therefore, to the extent practical, I am integrating LREP into this blog. I would like to thank everyone, including Joe Hodges, Don Kelley, Gerry Beyer, Bob Ambrogi, Dennis Kennedy, and Neil Squillante (among many others), for your encouragement over the years. I hope that this blog will serve others like LREP has done. At some point, I might pursue something else. For now, though, this seems like the logical course. Kind regards, Jason

Friday, July 18, 2014

A Resurgence in Charitable Trusts? | Philanthropy content from

A Resurgence in Charitable Trusts? | Robert F. Sharpe, Jr. | (JEH: Gerry Nowotny posted comments along the same lines and linked to Robert's article. They are probably correct regarding the increased use of charitable trusts in business succession (e.g., "charitable bailout") transactions given the potential income tax consequences of those transactions now -- especially where Subchapter C corporations are involved.)